K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring

Teaching the way you learn.

We provide personalized tutoring and 21st century curricula to children and adults of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our mission is to teach the way our students learn. Our lessons are customized to suit students of different learning styles. We also provide consultancy for home schooling parents to help them understand their children's learning styles and help them choose the best curriculum for their children.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education is not only about robotics, coding or building apps. True STEM Education integrates all four aspects of STEM and uses an inquiry-based teaching and learning approach. It addresses a real-life problem, driven by an engineering design process, that allows students to look at multiple approaches and find different possible solutions to the problem. Students brainstorm as a team and combine their innovativeness and creativity to produce a process or a prototype at the end of a lesson. Entrepreneurship is also involved.

Please note that there will be NO new student intake for 2022 (except for "Computer Science through Game Development") until further notice.

Announcing PhET Virtual Workshop for the Caribbean!

PhET is pleased to share an opportunity for a free virtual workshop, PhET Science Virtual Workshop for the Caribbean, open to educators across English-speaking countries in or bordering the Caribbean, from October 20 to December 8, 2021.

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We will only be accepting 75 students for the Introductory Levels and first 15 students for the Advanced Levels in 2021 to register. Please note that your spot is only reserved when full payment is made.

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